Michael Menzel's newest board game, Dragonkeeper.
Image credit: Kosmos/Michael Menzel

A new game by Michael Menzel, and if the name rings familiar, we must congratulate you on your taste in good board games, has been teased. Menzel is the author and designer of Andor, a family-friendly captivating adventuresque game about heroes and magical creatures.

A New Fantasy Tale by Andor Designer Michael Menzel Teased

The upcoming game by the designer, Drachenhüter or “Dragonkeeper” is not a far cry from the fantasy and magical worlds that have inspired Menzel’s work in other projects. Now, Dragonkeeper is returning as per a new entry on BoardGameGeek.

Not much is clear as of right now, as the game has not been categorized, but the artist responsible for the art has been confirmed as Menzel himself. The publisher will be once again KOSMOS. So, what is truly known about the game, then?

Dragonkeeper is 2-4 game fit for ages 8+. Players will compete against each other as magicians and draw cards to herd dragons. With each card taken from the available decks, the available dragons that can be herded will change.

Players may cast spells to return cards to the decks, which the publisher explains will be an important part of the overall experience and help tip the scales in your favor. Then again, to cast a spell, you would need to sacrifice a spell. The game seems to boil down to a balance of decks of cards and your personal dragon army with not much else immediately available.

It’s definitely an interesting concept and the art already looks excellent. Andor is a beloved game by the community and if Drachenhüter comes to be even close to the brilliant of the other title, then the upcoming title is definitely worthwhile.

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