Forever Home
Image credit: Birdwood Games

For all the doggo lovers amongst you, Dog Park may be the right game for you. Yet, there could be another brilliant title just around the corner with designers Lottie and Jack Hazell, who crafted the original Dog Park board game, now bringing a new title by the name of Forever Home: A Game of Second Chances for Shelter Dogs,” their latest project which will accommodate 1-5 players and focus on – more dogs!

Help the Doggo Friends Find Their New Home 

The designers have once again gone with the canine theme with the 20-45-minute game putting the players in the role of trainers who have to prepare various dogs to meet the families that may end up adopting them. Players will strive to prepare their four-pawed friends to be well-trained and behaved doggos by the time they meet the families and perhaps find a loving homes.

The more successful a player is in training the dogs, the more reputation they will earn, taking them closer to victory. Forever Home relies on a number of different mechanics to create an evocative and immersive gameplay experience that includes collection and tile placement, with dog trainers trying to acquire various components and score better overall combinations.

Forever Home draws on mechanics from other games, too, as the designers describe the game akin to Azul, Draftosaurus, and Cascadia, a decent trio of games that many players love. The game will offer a bit of challenge to those who seek it, but it will also let players explore the title solo, which has become a pretty standard and staple mechanic to have in board games these days. 

This will be the duo’s second board game after they released Dog Park in 2022 to a fairly strong critical acclaim and fan reception. The game did well commercially, and it has brought the designers closer to realizing their new game. Forever Home is coming to retail stores in September and is expected to cost $33. Once again, a percentage of the profits will be donated to an animal charity. 

The charity will be picked by Birdwood Games, the publisher’s social media followers and the larger community. 

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