The board game cover for Ierusalem Anno Domini.
Image credit: Devir

Devir, a prominent publisher of board games and blockbusters such as War of the Ring: Second Edition, Pandemic Legacy: Season 1, and countless others, has teased a new upcoming board game developed by a fairly new name in the board game scene, Carmen García Jiménez.

An Intelligent Mix of Mechanics and Challenging Theme 

Ierusalem Anno Domini is a game set for 1-4 players and play time of 90 minutes and it is about the coming of Jesus of Nazareth to the city of Jerusalem in the spring of 33 AD. As you may have guessed, the game will feature various apostles and followers who compete for the opportunity to sit closer to the historic figure during The Last Supper, before his fate is sealed. 

Each player will play as one of the communities of followers of Jesus of Nazareth. The goal of the game is to gain points by placing apostles closer to the center of the table. To prove themselves worthy, though, players will have to dispatch apostles, or rather their followers, across different board locations, including the mountain, the lake, the temple, the desert, and the market

Followers will then bring familiar objects such as stones, fish, bread, denarii, cards, and more. Players can also pick from a range of actions, such as listening to a parable, changing seats, or doing a favor to another player.

All of these actions will be available prior to the game’s end which is triggered with the patience of the Sanhedrin tracker. While the game is styled as a worker placement at its core, the cards that players have at their disposal or obtain after the start will further guide and determine what comes next. Each card has a symbol that shows you where on the map it can be played. 

A Game Fit to Cater to a Range of Players 

As they use these cards, players will be able to finally bring apostles to the table and attend the Last Supper with a stronger representation. While the theme of the game may come a little strong to some people, Ierusalem Anno Domini is not just about a highly-thematic historic experience.

The game also offers immersive and strategic gameplay that will cater to more competitive gamers as well. Devir is a name to reckon with in the board games industry and its backing of the project sends a powerful message to the community. Ierusalem Anno Domini is expected in 2023 and it features resource management and worker placement along with a brilliant theme. 

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