Ticket to Ride: Berlin box cover.
Image: Days of Wonder

Days of Wonder has revealed that Ticket ToRide Berlin is heading into retail on September 30, 2023. The newest instalment in the popular Ticket To Ride series is once again focused on individual city, and its transportation system, as opposed to continents criss-crossed by trains.

Sightsee Around Berlin and Enjoy New Ticket to Ride Mechanics

Players will focus on discovering the Unter den Linden and travel around town sightseeing the Brandenburg Gate, Pergamon Museum and more. Apart from visiting the German capital’s most iconic locations, players will similarly have to make the right decisions and pick the most efficient modes of transportations.

There are subway and streetcar pieces which will add to the variety of options you have when traveling around Berlin. The goal of the game is as always to complete the Destination Tickets and emerge with the most victory points. Players will also be able to go on a sightseeing cruise on the river Spree, go for a bike ride through the Brandenburg Gate, and enjoy the competitive and educational spirit of the game.

This edition is designed by Alan R. Moon, a prolific game designer and the original author of the series, who is also a keen poker player and plays in various venues in Las Vegas, Nevada. As to Ticket To Ride: Berlin, the game is fit for 2-4 players aged 8+ and plays in just 10-15 minutes of time!

In the box, players will find a board map of Berlin’s transportation network along with 44 streetcars, 11 of each color, 20 subways, 5 in each color, 44 transportation cards, 22 destination ticket cards, and 4 scoring markers. There is also the rules leaflet. The expected price of the new release is $24.95.

Stoyan Todorov

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