Dawn of Ulos board game cover art.
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to become a god, controlling the fate of mere mortals at your whim? Then look no further than “Dawn of Ulos”, the latest installment of the “Roll Player” universe. The game will be published by Thunderworks Games, the studio behind the original “Roll Player” and “Cartographers” games, on which “Dawn of Ulos” is based around.

While “Dawn of Ulos” will be Jason Lentz’s debut game, he is no stranger to game design. Board games have been a part of his life since he was a kid, avidly playing them and even coming up with their own RPG systems and chess variants. On top of that, he’s been working in video game development since 2002.

Yesterday, the game’s Kickstarter page released a number of exciting announcements – the successful completion of two stretch goals, which will increase the component quality of game copies, and a number of live events.

For instance, there will be an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit with Jason Lenz, which will start today (September 13) at 12 PM EST (6 PM CET). If you happen to miss the AMA, you will be pleased to hear that Jason will also take part in a live Facebook interview on the Thunderworks Facebook page this Thursday (September 15) at 1 PM EST (7 PM CET), which will be hosted by Scott Bogen.

Manipulate Mortal Armies to Defeat Rival Gods and Rule the Planarverse

“Dawn of Ulos” offers a compelling and rich story – Azema, the dragon god, discovers a world, inhabited by oblivious peaceful mortals. Not long after, the other gods learn of Azema’s discovery and immediately start using the inhabitants to advance their own agendas, throwing the land in a state of constant war in the process.

“Dawn of Ulos” is an economic tile-laying game suitable for 1-5 players, set in the world of the popular RPG board game “Roll Player” and its roll and write spin-off “Cartographers”. In it, players will take the roles of five powerful gods, who compete for power over the planarverse. In order to achieve ultimate victory, they will have to manipulate and control the mortal races, consisting of 10 unique factions. Players only get to pick five of them at the beginning of each game, which means “Dawn of Ulos” offers a ton of replayability – each playthrough will either have you manipulating a different faction or have you face different opponents each time. The possibilities are nearly endless.

In terms of combat, the battle system in “Dawn of Ulos” is relatively simple. As a tile-laying game, the more tiles a faction has – the more powerful it becomes. Whenever players place tiles that connect territories, they must fight for supremacy. The strongest faction wins the fight. And here is where things get interesting – the battle might be between two players, but all five determine the outcome. Each player can choose to contribute cards to either side of the conflict, based on their needs. There is a lot of strategic planning involved, and it should come as no surprise that a game of “Dawn of Ulos” can last 60–90 minutes.

The game is set for release in July 2023, with each Kickstarter backer that has pledged $59 getting a core game copy.

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