Darrington Press' Queen by Midnight game components.
Image credit: Darrington Press

Darrington Press is bringing a brand new game by designer Kyle Shire, with Queen by Midnight set to release in 2023. The company has already introduced two other projects, including Till the Last Gasp and Uk’otoa, with the latest focusing on the deckbuilding mechanic and a very original story indeed.

The Queen Is Dead, Long Live the Queen

The Midnight Queen has passed away and now her kingdom is without a ruler, but this has not been the case for much longer. The Queen has ordered for the Rule By Midnight trial to commence, which will pit the Princesses of the Twelve Lands against one another.

Each of the 3-6 players will assume the role of one of those princesses and start scheming against the others. The goal is to be crowned the new Midnight Queen, which takes cunning, prowess and political nous, all of which have to be learned the hard way in a game of constant cat-and-mouse.

The game describes itself as a “battle-royale” deckbuilding card game which will call on brawn, deception, and guile to achieve your end. Each of the Princess characters will have a unique way of playing and bring diverse tactics to the game. 

Most of the action will be focused on the Clock Dice Tower which will count the turns before the end, offer players different cards to play, and even be a place for you to roll your dice. Yes, there are dice to this game. The Bazaar area will feature 75 community cards that can be further used to add to your deck. 

Each Princess will have 200 cards to pick from and build powerful sets, use tokens, trackers, boards, and more cards to make the gameplay easy and keep the action going. Right now, there is not much other information available about Darrington Press’ Queen by Midnight, but the game seems to be a nice option to look forward to.

Played in 60-90 minutes and suitable for players aged 12 or older, this is a great game to keep on your watchlist. The art for the game has been crafted by a trio of artists, including Michal Ivan, Mike Pape, and Ameera Sheikh who have done a good job indeed. 

The game will release with Critical Role shops in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe. Queen by Midnight game sells at MSRP $69.99 and is going to be available across retail in August 2023, and purchasable onsite at Gen Con in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

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