Cryptic Nature by iDventure
Image credit: iDventure

Cryptic Nature is a new board game project by iDventure, the publisher behind a number of light-themed and engaging quick-paced card and tabletop games. The fresh game, developed by designers Georgij Shugol, Alexander Krys, and Oleg Meleshin, is a brand new and unique title that is beautifully themed and captivatingly set up.

Beautifully Themed Cryptic Nature Is a Captivating Board Game

In Cryptic Nature, players will do their best to find evidence about the existence of legendary zoological species. Up to 4 players will come together to prove that these famed strange creatures do exist, but they have been very successful in hiding from people.

The cryptozoologists – that is you – will not only seek to find evidence of these creatures but also do your best to protect them. You want the creatures to have a safe habitat and while you also want to confirm their existence, you similarly want to keep the rest of the world’s prying eyes away – after your first show them one time to everyone to know that you were right.

The title is designed as a Euro game, with players having between 60-90 minutes to complete the game. There is Point-to-Point Movement and Dice Rolling mechanics built into the title, with the winner proving to be the player who successfully captures the most creatures, shows them to the public, and then moves them to a reserve where they will be safe.

The components of the game are minimalistic, with the board made of thick cardboard and meeples shaped like mini-Indiana Jones. You will have beautiful cards to use and thicker player boards that will let you fill in different fields that are related to your hunt for mythical and legendary creatures.

The world is a strange place, but Cryptic Nature offers you a chance to finally make sense of it and put legends to rest – either confirming or disproving them once and for all.

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