Alea's Council of Shadows game.
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Council of Shadows” is set in the year 2200, on the edge of the known universe. As it happens, there is an open seat on the mighty and mysterious Council of Shadows. Four civilizations are vying for admission, as the race for the empty seat of power is in full swing. Only those who are cunning and resourceful enough will win the race for ultimate intergalactic power. The player who provides the most energy to the council each turn will be successful in earning their favor and winning the game.

Each player will assume the role of one of the four civilizations’ high command. They will be controlling the chosen civilization’s fortunes and economy. In order to fill the Council of Shadows’ ever-growing need for energy, players will have to venture into the edge of known space in order to find precious resources.

While exploring the fringes of known space, players will discover new planets where they will build settlements and collect much-needed resources. When they have gathered enough, players will have to spend those resources on the development of new technologies, which will eventually lead to quantum leaps in their civilization’s development, which are crucial to winning the game. The first player to make three quantum leaps will take the seat on the Council of Shadows and win the game.

A Game Not for the Faint of Heart

Council of Shadows” is expected to be a complex and dynamic game and is not for the faint of heart. Players inexperienced with board games might have some issues getting used to the game mechanics. Once they master them, however, the game promises to be a ton of fun.

An average game of “Council of Shadows”is expected to last 60-90 minutes per game. Be sure that you and your friends have some free time on your hands before playing.

Due to its complexity, “Council of Shadows” is recommended for ages 14+. The game is ideal for a fun board game evening with friends, as it is made to be played by 1-4 people.

“Council of Shadows” comes from the minds of designer-duo Martin Kallenborn and Jochen Scherer. They have experience designing board games together, having worked together on titles like “Assel Schlamassel” and “Race to the New Found Land”.

The game will be published by alea – an imprint of industry titan Ravensburger.

Each “Council of Shadows” game box will include:

● 1 Game Board
● 4 Player Boards
● 4 Screens
● 120 Cubes
● 55 Gems
● 4 Energy Markers
● 24 Action Cards
● 25 AI Cards
● 31 Solar System Tiles
● 27 Bonus Cards
● 16 Dark Tech Cards
● 6 Leaders
● 12 Space Stations

The game is currently only listed in German retail stores, for a price of €49.99 per copy. It does have multiple language packs, so we should be seeing its wider distribution sooner rather than later.

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