Gloomhaven official art cover.
Image credit: Cephalofair Games

Cobalt Knight, a production company that makes film, television, and comics, has been able to grab headlines through a series of TV rights acquisitions, promising to turn beloved board games into movies.

Dicebreaker Speaks with Chris Kaminski

The idea, a little outlandish to some, has been interesting one. Now, Cobalt Knight co-founder Chris Kaminski has said that he is looking to acquire additional screening rights, with Gloomhaven high on his list.

In an interview for Dice Breaker, a respected board games media, Kaminski said that Gloomhaven could be the ultimate tabletop adaptation, and it is one of the licenses he would wish to acquire.

Commenting on previous acquisitions, Kaminski explained that the rights for Terraforming Mars was a big ticket for the company, and one of the three licenses that Cobalt Knight set out to originally obtain. Now, Gloomhaven would be definitely the “number one pick on my list,” he told the publication.

Kaminski, though, does not want to leave it at that. Apart from Gloomhaven, he would be happy if Cobalt Knight could secure the TV rights for Magic: The Gathering, but this won’t be happening any time soon. Netflix has already confirmed that it is producing series based on the Hasbro franchise.

Scythe was also teased during the conversation between Kaminski and the media, but no clear details were provided on whether Cobalt Knight had indeed acquired the franchise. Presently, the company will be focusing on Terraforming Mars, though, as this is already in the works.

Some of the licensee arrangements were established after Cobalt Knight considered not just what it would take from an artistic and creative standpoint to turn board games into successful TV series, but also in terms of how approachable some of the companies holding the rights were.

In any eventuality, Cobalt Knight has a good number of franchises to explore, including the rights to adapt Anachrony and Trickerion by Mindclash Games and Terra Mystica by Feuerland Spiele.

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