Stranger Things: Upside Down board game.
Image credit: CMON

CMON will be releasing a new board game inspired by the Stranger Things universe. The “Stranger Things: Upside Down” will be hitting retail in May 26, 2023. Based on the eponymous Netflix series, 2-4 players will get to play the iconic characters from the show, and particularly the kids from Hawkins who are onto the nefarious activities that are taking place at the Hawkins National Laboratory.

Hawkins Is Overrun by Outworldly Horrors – You Have to Save It

The kids realize that the Demogorgons are not just the stuff of Dungeons & Dragons sessions, but an actual horror that has penetrated this universe and unleashed the vicious plant-based carnivorous monsters. Once again, it’s down to the youngsters to save the day, and very much the world.

Players come together and work together to clear stacks of tokens that represent the influx of outworldly creatures that keep washing over Hawkins. To win, you need to clear the stacks and stem the tide of the invaders but hurry up – because time is running up. The game is also based on the first two seasons of the show with the main board offering two play sides that offers slightly different experiences.

As to the game, it’s available for individuals aged 12+, and actually features 60-120 minutes of play time – that is definitely one solid experienced packed in to the box. The retail prices is expected to go for $49.99. The game is actually designed by a noteworthy designer, Rob Daviau who has been working on many fantastic games in his time, including the Pandemic Legacy: Season 0, 1, and 2.

If you feel a certain Pandemic-esque quality to “Stranger Things: Upside Down,” this may be the reason why. Saving Hawkins is bound to be fun.

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