CMON's upcoming Kickstarter game Dune: War for Arrakis.
Image Source: CMON

CMON has revealed the newest installment in the Dune board games series with “War for Arrakis” set to launch on Kickstarter in 2022. The latest Dune tabletop experience will feature a rich backstory and innovative gameplay as the publisher prepares to release an asymmetrical strategy game where players vie for control of the planet and maneuver their troops to secure territorial gain and control.

Proven War Game Designers to Make “War for Arrakis” Possible

The game brings together Francesco Nepitello and Marco Maggi who designed the “War of the Ring,” one of the most venerated war games in the board games world. The pair will work on the latest Dune release, bringing their own passion for the title into consideration. They will seek to capture the beauty of this fantastical world while ensuring that it’s backed by solid gameplay, skillful warfare and brokering political compromise.

Nepitello, who also severs as CMON Head of IP and RPG, welcomed the opportunity to be working on a new installment in the popular franchise. He assured that much of the focus in the new game will be to bring the original and unique story to live in the gameplay. To achieve this, CMON and the designers have access to all the necessary material, developers, artists and producers.

“We aim to provide an epic experience, while still putting a spotlight on the many individual characters found in the Dune universe,” Nepitello said. The art and sculptures in the “War for Arrakis” will be based directly on the book and will recreate many characters in a tabletop format as well as bring previously unreleased ones.

CMON VP of Crowdfunding & Production and “War for Arrakis” Producer, Thiago Aranha, said that the opportunity to work on the project was a “dream come true.” Aranha has been passionate about the entire franchise and a devout fan since young childhood.

Lifelong Fans of the Dune Saga to Work on Latest Board Game

He was excited to be the one inspiring those characters and bringing them to life in the upcoming tabletop game:

To bring these iconic characters to life and see them clashing on the desert board is a very special thing I am very excited to be able to share with the fans. From art to sculpts to design, I don’t think there’s ever been such a large undertaking to bring the world in the books to the tabletop.

CMON VP of Crowdfunding & Production and “War for Arrakis” Producer, Thiago Aranha

CMON has been able to secure a sub-license agreement with the help of Joe LeFavi of Genuine Entertainment. LeFavi is a producer on the game and also responsible for managing the master tabletop gaming license for Dune. He collaborates with Herbert Properties LLC, Gale Force Nine and Legendary Entertainment on license management.

Arrakis will become the focal point of the conflict in the upcoming tabletop experience as different fractions fight for the most important resource of all: Spice. Spice makes space travel possible and whoever has the most of it holds the key to the universe. More information about the Kickstarter campaign will be forthcoming.

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