Classic Art and Reiner Knizia
Image credit: Classic Art

Art collectors are often a notorious lot. They are all about getting the finer pieces of art and locking them up in their private collection. Don’t worry though, as you won’t have to go to extraordinary financial lengths or nefarious ends to secure the greatest work of art in Classic Art, a new game published by CMON and designer Reiner Knizia.

Classic Art on the Tabletop by Reiner Knizia

The new game will have a simple premise with the International Art Gala hosting an event which will be attended by leading galleries and curators, who will try to guess which work would end up attracting the biggest interest.

The game is set for 2-5 players and each of the players will be one of the curators who will try to put together the best art collections the world has seen! Players will have to navigate the cut-throat art world with deftness and make sure they are featured in each of the five exhibitions that take place during the 30-minute gameplay.

While all will do their best to come up on top, only the most intuitive curators will actually be distinguished as true savants and connoisseurs of the art world. To get there, you need to guess what the most popular art for each of the five seasons in the game would be.

Classic Art is of course inspired by the previous game in the series, Modern Art. CMON has assured that the gameplay and mechanics are different, tempting fans of Knizia and the concept to give this title serious consideration in their future purchases.

The title is fit for players aged 14+ and CMON already has a retail price put on the game which will sell for $40. The game is currently listed as “coming soon” on the official website. As to the designer himself? Knizia is an absolute legend in the board games community, industry and hobby.

He argues that you can create a board game out of anything and make it of sound and robust game design, something he has done over the past decades. Knizia has designed at least 700 board oard games, according to a recent interview for Euronews, and his own website.

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