Catan Starfarers game box and components.
Image: Catan Studio

Catan, one of the most popular board games of all time that will fit almost any categorization, from a civilization game to a strategy game, has had many incarnations over the past year, with a new one now available.

No matter how you feel about Catan Soccer FeverCatan Starfarers has been one of the coolest versions of the game, at least for us, a team that loves Eclipse New Dawn, Twilight Inscription, Beyond the Sun, On Mars, and so many others.

Now, Catan Studio is back with an expansion for this space-faring odyssey, with Catan Starfarers: New Encounters up for pre-order via the Catan Shop. The expansion comes with three new scenarios that feature unique rules for the core game.

In this version, people will set out to explore various amoebas, fight and possibly defeat a pirate by the name of Hog Kahm, and rediscover the Lost People. True to its name, the expansion is about featuring brand-new content and layering the core gameplay with even more cool things to do. 

As you quest for Hog Kahm, players will have to defeat various accomplices to the fearsome pirate so that they can uncover and face him in a battle to the death. To discover the Lost People, players are advised to arm themselves with patience and prepare for a long search before the civilization is discovered – and only if. 

A Box Full of Goodies Adding to Catan’s Richness 

Then, there is the last scenario, which is definitely what every space game should have- encountering new and mysterious lifeforms, the amoebas. The new expansion plays in 120-150 minutes, it’s suitable for 3-4 players and is accessible to players who are 12 or older. 

This is essentially Catan down to bangs. The box comes with plenty of contents, too, including 2 amoeba figures, 25 ship capsules, 4 research markets, 2 pirate bases, and more. 

There are 4 combat dice, 4 cube markers, 10 reinforcement chips, 6 position markers, 7 number discs and more. The game comes with 39 encounter cards, 12 overview cards, 10 research cards, 7 location cards, 4 friendship cards, the rulebook, and more components, such as the 8 colony ships that help you sink into the theme of the game. 

You may buy Catan: Starfarers on Amazon US or preorder the expansion, New Encounters, from the Catan Shop. 

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