Catan Console edition coming to PlayStation and Xbox.
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Favored by many, “Catan” is coming on Xbox and PlayStation on February 28. The news was revealed by, the official website for the game, with the online version of the tabletop blockbuster expected to release at the end of the month and preorders already available on Friday, February 3.

Catan Establishes Digital Presence with Console Edition

Players who have placed a preorder will have early access on February 23, ahead of the official launch. First released as “Settlers of Catan,” Catan is a 3 to 4-player game. Each player must choose where they would want to settle, build roads, and expand, while the dice determines the resources they will acquire. The first player to collect 15 victory points is the winner. “Catan – Console Edition” provides both a multiplayer experience and a single player mode, where you can compete against AI opponents. You also get different dice skins and a map view of your choosing. Settlers can zoom in and see all the action up close or play in the traditional view of the board.

The game is developed by Nomad Games, who are famous for other digital versions of board games, such as Talisman and Mystic Vale. Catan – Console Edition will be published by Dovetail Games, which also has experience with titles such as Train Simulator and Bassmaster Fishing 2022.

Nomad Games and Dovetail Games have teamed up for video materials for those who are eager to have a glimpse behind the scenes, or those who are unfamiliar with the game in general, and want to catch up on the rules or understand the gameplay a bit better.

Catan – Console Edition, will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. The game comes in two editions, standard and deluxe. The expected price for the standard edition on Xbox is $20, while PlayStation will provide the same for $19.

The deluxe version offers everything that the standard one does, including five different map layouts, all inspired by real-life playthroughs of Catan World Championship that can be played both in solo and multiplayer. The price for this sweet treat is $25. Pre-ordering the deluxe edition will get you a special Dice Skin and a Hex Frame, and a 10% pre-order discount.

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