Board Game Day book's cover.
Image Source: Rachel Kremer

Ambie Valdés, a board gaming enthusiast and content creator, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for her latest project, “Board Game Day.”  The project is a book intended at young audiences and their parents who share a love for gaming.

Read about the Joy of Board Gaming from Early Age

The book is dedicated to appreciating the hobby and popularizing it with children and their parents who can bond over playing and spending time together. “Board Game Day” offers an introduction into the world of board gaming and explains how the hobby helps nurture and form friendships and deeper connections with people.

The idea behind the book started with a rhyming verse Valdés wrote for her twin toddlers, but the idea took off from there and she then took the next step – creating a fully-illustrated book instead. The book is light, colorful and a fitting choice for introducing very young children to the hobby.

It’s a 6-inch-by-6-inch 16-page book which centers around a group of anthropomorphic animal friends who play various easy-to-grasp games together. The book has struck home with older readers, too, as people who have been in the hobby much longer have also spoke positively of the project.

Valdés shared her plans to make “Board Game Day” available as an e-book and a print on demand hardcover option after the Kickstarter campaigns. The funding has already been surpassed with the campaign attracting close to $10,000 in funds out of a stated goal of $4,000.

There have been 428 backers already with 20 more days to go. The idea is to create a board book, Valdés shares in the campaign, but to do so, she needs a little help along from the community through the crowdfunding campaign. The book is available in several versions, too.

Get Your Copy of the “Board Game Day”

An eBook and PDF file are there for $5 and a physical copy of the book is available for $20. For those of you who wish to get a personalized verse for your book, Valdés is offering the $120 pledge option, which will also help her to continue creating content for the hobby and introduce new people to it.

The success of the campaign so far has allowed Valdés to release some of the stretch goals, including a YouTube read-aloud, and a coloring page. There is also the “Board Game Day” song that has now been unlocked thanks to the support from fellow board game enthusiasts. Upon surpassing the $10,000 mark, Valdés will be adding a second coloring page.

Popularizing the board gaming hobby is a worth aspiration and one that makes Valdés  original idea worthy. You may visit the Kickstarter campaign and see for yourself. Illustrations are done by Rachel Kremer. Valdés confirmed that Plaid Hat Games is one of the project’s sponsors.

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