PLanet B, the latest board game by Hans Im Gluck
Image credit: Hans Im Gluck

Z-Man Games has confirmed that it will be releasing Planet B via Asmodee. This is the latest Hans Im Gluck title which is expected to hit retail shelves on March 31, 2023. Designed by Johannes Natterer, this strategy game falls in the category of dark humor, science fiction and politics.

Make People Love You While You Undermine Society’s Interest

The core mechanics are based on worker placement, voting, and market manipulation and the title’s narrative focuses players on mankind’s future on Planet B, but mostly lining their own pockets. The game is set for 2-4 players who step in the role of corrupt governors and try to push their agendas over the course of 60-180 minutes of playtime.

Becomingly, each player will seek to strike underhand deals with corrupt corporations who are prioritizing their profit margins over people’s well-being, and also seek to advance their own political ambitions.

In Planet B, you want to develop the city but make sure that the common effort of the citizens is geared towards advancing your own schemes and profitable goals. You will also have to curry favors with others, make sure that your own presence with individual political factions is strong, and even go as far as control the media and the narrative about yourself and your accomplices.

But then again, your end goal is to become president, and to do that, you will still need to convince the voters to back you up. Corrupt influence can only get you so far – or can it? How well you manipulate people will determine whether you can attain the very summit of your political aspirations. You won’t be vying for the title alone, as your opponents will be equally greedy and determined to win through their own nefarious and underbelly ways.

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