Bang: The Great Train Robbery cover.
Image credit: DV Games

The Yahtzee-style game of cowboys and outlaws is getting a yet new expansion published on Friday, February 24. DV Games is introducing “BANG! The Great Train Robbery,” which is the latest addition to the game’s core gameplay, bringing along a number of exciting mechanics and fresh content to try. 

The Train Is Coming to Town, and So Are The Outlaws 

A brilliant game at its core, BANG! has seen the introduction of a variety of cool content bits over the years, many of which were developed or pitched by community members. This is precisely what is happening here as The Great Train Robbery is the brainchild of Slovak and Czech players, the publisher notes.

The expansion builds upon the original and adds eight brand-new characters and cards that can be added to the basic deck. In this expansion, the players will have to take care of special Railroad cards and a Locomotive card, with a central deck of Station tiles placed in the middle of the table. 

The premise of the expansion is very intuitive, with the Outlaws ganging up to raid the train that is heading into town and the Sheriff and his Deputies keeping an ever-vigilant watch on the crowd. For those of you who are looking to catch up on a few of the previous expansions, DV Games has you covered.

The company is releasing a big box along with the new expansion, which will feature High Noon and A Fistful of Cards, The Valley of Shadows and the Wild West Show. Some of the expansions are actually some of the first versions of the game to appear, so they may be of interest to you.

You will be able to purchase The Great Train Robbery separately, as it sells in its own box for the time. 

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