Awkward Guests 2, The Berwick Cases.
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Awkward Guests is getting a second instalment with a new entry on BoardGameGeek suggesting that we are in for more detective work and admittedly – witnessing the repeated murder of one Mr. Walton. Or, in this case, the players will plunge into the world of Awkward Guests 2: The Berwick Cases which is designed to pit two detectives or teams against each other. 

More Murder in the Awkward Guests Franchise 

This time there are not one but two victims, with the Berwick twins, found a little less alive than they were when people last saw them. This is where the players come in, relying on the roll of the dice and deduction to get to the bottom of the story. 

The game though will recreate the murders of the famed twins in different ways which will have players pull at different story threads and unravel a sinister plot that results in the victims’ demise. 

The players will be racing to play for the bad and good sides in successive games, with one team plotting the murder while the other team is attempting to crack it open – or players if there is only two of you. 

Investigators win the game if they can muster the right answers to questions such as “WHO killed Beatrice or/and Berenice Berwick,” “HOW did the murderer end her life,” and not least – “WHY did the murderer kill her.” 

The Berwick Cases Is Worthy Successor to the Original 

The investigators will proceed by rolling the query dice, place the results on the game board based on the information they are after from their rival(s) and then interrogate various suspects, go through the household staff, take a look at the crime scene, and search for additional clues across Berwick Mansions.

The opposing team that sits behind the murder(s) should reveal the requested information and try to steer the investigator’s work in the wrong direction. Much like in the first game, this is a gripping murder mystery that will keep you on your toes like only the masters of the genre could!

The game is published by Megacorpin Games for the time being and designed by the original author, Ron Gonzalo García, and co-designer Paz Navarro Moreno. Art in the new game will be sorted out by a pair of talented artists, named Samuel Gonzalo García and Laura Medina Solera. No further details are available as of the present moment. 

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