Star Wars Legion Organized Play Kit
Image: Atomic Mass Games
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Atomic Mass Games, the company behind the acclaimed Star Wars Legion, and the much-anticipated Star Wars: Shatterpoint, has offered a preview of more of the forthcoming goodies. The Asset Organized Play Kit is the latest reveal by the studio which focuses on a scenario that will revolve around controlling “The Asset,” and offer new players to the game a quick way to get their Star Wars action in.

Two players will square off in this scenario, with one – the Defender – having secured tight positions, having blasted through guards and security checkpoints, and the Attacker, now amassing an army of guards to overwhelming the culprits. The Defender though has an extraction team on the way that will pick them up and save them.

First, however, the Defender must hold long enough. Atomic Mass Games has outlined the scenario and the point-specific count for each of the armies. For example, the Attacker would wield an army no greater than 800 points, whereas the Defender will have to settle with a 600-point army

Close Combat, Unique Approach to Warfare, and Race Against Time

The scenario itself is quite tight, played on a 3’ by 3’ area. The Defender will have an advantage in the way their leaders can scour the battlefield unnoticed and ensure that there are enough supplies to, in theory, withstand the attack salvos of the opponent. Defenders will seek to procure Medkit and Heavy Repeating Blaster.

Atomic Mass Games doesn’t intend to turn this into the backbone of the gameplay, but the company rather seeks to create an entertaining, easy-to-setup gateway for players to get involved with the game. As Atomic Mass puts it, this is a scenario fit for a one-day casual play event in local game stores.

Players will get all the tokens, equipment cards, and a sheet of punchboard they need to play, along with a Din Djarin promo unit card. The Asset Organized Play Kit will be available in June and fans are encouraged to reach out to their local stores and let them know they would be interested so that events may kick off in the summer.

The Shatterpoint Core Set will also be available on June 2 throughout hobby stores. The sets costs $164.99 and contains 16 miniatures. You may buy it on Amazon US.

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