Revive's box cover for the upcoming game.
Image credit: Asmodee

Asmodee, one of the leading board games publishers, has confirmed that it will release Revive into retail on March 172023. The company update will see Revive reach US customers in a little less than a month now. 

Revive is a collaborative project that involves a number of designers, including Helge MeissnerEilif SvenssonAnna Wermlund and Kristian Amundsen Østby, and the game itself has been praised by audiences, giving it an exceptionally high rating even if awareness for the product has not been so high. 

Revive Is About Rebuilding Civilization and Mankind 

Played by 1-4 players and over 90-120 minutes of playtime, Revive is a game set 5,000 years after the tragic end of human civilization. The game sees mankind attempting to come from the brink of extinction with tribes moving across the frozen earth in what seems to be an ice age. 

Each tribe will strive to collect resources and seek to reunite the disbanded humans who have been surviving against all odds for millennia unable to rebuild their former glory. The game is focused on asymmetric competition where each player and tribe will have their own path to victory. 

Revive also steers clear of direct conflict between players and it offers a highly variable setup. The game is presented as a campaign with 5 chapters available to players, which will usher in new content when unlocked, but once those have been unlocked, players may go and play the game indefinitely. 

Each tribe will try to restore a part of lost human civilization, with much of their efforts focusing on relearning a useful but forgotten technology. To get there, players will have to continually seek to advance their knowledge, while also focusing on ancient locations that are randomized and that represent cities which will be the focus of further repopulation efforts where the foundations of society will be laid out anew.

The game offers a number of options to players, which will have a chance to play a card, explore, populate, or build factories to spur technological advancements. There are also artefacts to help further boost your tribe and civilization. 

The game is a rather hefty bit, as well, with 6 Tribe boards, 4 dual-layer player boards, 179 wooden pieces, 77 cards, 30 campaign cards, rules, and 208 cardboard tiles all included in the box. The retail price of the game is set at $80 and Revive is a good fit for players aged 14+. 

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