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Asmodee, one of the biggest distributors and publishing companies of tabletop games, has announced its third-quarter results for the period between October and December 2022. The company’s performance was revealed as part of Embrace Group’s results, which acquired Asmodee in 2022. 

Asmodee Sees Sales Performance Improve in Q3 2023

In the part of the report covering the board games and tabletop segment, Embrace Group saw Asmodee’s sales go down 5% year-over-year, comparing the present performance with reuslts from same period in 2021. However, the sales were still up by 28% from the second quarter of the year. Embracer Group cautioned that the contraction occurred because of an overall board game market slow down in the United States.

The report noted that the nine-month period from April through December saw a decrease of 7% in the overall market in the United States. However, the overall tabletop game market has increased by 1% over the same period, and a vertical of products listed as “strategic trading cards” in the report was listed as 21% up.

Asmodee still managed to post an operating income of $59 million, registering $398 million in sales revenue from board games between October and December. For the period from April through December, the company registered a total $83.6 million in operating income, and $965.6 million in sales revenue from board games. 

The quarter also saw Asmodee go ahead with a number of important board games, with highly anticipated releases such as Pandemic: Star Wars Clone Wars, Splendor Duel, Challenges from Z-man, Twilight Inscription from Fantasy Flight Games, 3000 Scoundrels from Unexpected Games, and not least, Heat: Pedal to the Metal from Days of Wonder. 

Asmodee is an important part of Embracer Group, as the company reunites 22 creative studios and 22 local distribution offices across the world. Asmodee presently sells more than 40 million games annually across 50 countries, and it is constantly looking to expand with fresh release and worthwhile additions. 

Presently, Embracer and Asmodee are in the process of developing 25 video game projects which are at a different stage of development. Meanwhile, Ticket to Ride was the most played title on the platform with more than 880,000 hours in the third quarter, ahead of other competitors such as Catan, Azul, and Splendor. 

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