Mother of Frankenstein Vol. 1-3 cover
Image credit: Arcane Wonders

Arcane Wonders is going to release Mother of Frankenstein Vol. 1-3 into retail on May 3, 2023. These fresh puzzle games are based on the successful and highly-original game design by New York Times bestselling author Tommy Wallach, and Terry Pettigrew-Rolapp.

Discover the Secrets of the Woman Who Created Science Fiction

This is a unique take on the board games hobby, with the game being a collaborative narrative puzzle that is based on Mary Shelley’s and her creation of Frankenstein, the novel that gave birth to science fiction.

Pettigrew-Rolapp and Wallach have been inspired not just by the opportunity to come up with an original game design, but also by the chance to tell the story of Mary Shelley across a 10-15-hour experience that accommodates 1-6 players. The game is designed for players aged 13+.

There are three acts to the game, and each will contain a bunch of documents and puzzles. To get to the next chapter, you would need to crack each of the puzzles, which will in themselves reveal some interesting secrets about the life of the writer.

Players will be building a 500-piece 2D puzzle over the course of the game and a 350-piece 3D puzzle, with the graphics in this game clearly something that was focused on. Once completed, the puzzle and the game can have great value as a display piece or simply be reset for anyone else to take a crack at learning a few interesting facts about the Mother of Frankenstein.

Mother of Frankenstein is the debut game for the pair of writers who may or may not pursue more installments in the game. The first and second volumes will be available in retail for $39.99 each, and the third one will cost $49.99. The three volumes put together will have a hefty price tag, but they promise to be worthwhile.

Of course, for traditional board game fans, Mother of Frankenstein will be slightly different from what people are used to.

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