Furnance Interbellum
Image credit: Arcane Wonders

Furnace, the economic card game by designer Ivan Lashin, is getting a new expansion shipped to retail, Arcane Wonders has confirmed. In Interbellum, players will return to a slightly changed capitalist setting that unfolds in the twentieth century to brace new challenges as they build their wealth.

Build Wealth Before War Arrives

The expansion comes along with new abilities, manager tokens, variable capital discs, company cards, and more. Plus, the designer now feel confident enough in his product to introduce a fifth player, which will add an interesting dimension to the overall gameplay and experience.

There will also be new agents for two-player and single-player games, introduced as balancing furnishes to the overall gameplay and experience. Arcane Wonders strongly recommends that you throw the whole mix into the base game and enjoy it in its fullness.

The core game relied on strong engine-building mechanics with players assuming the role of capitalists who are looking to get richer as they go along. The game is now coming to US retail on April 5, 2023, with Arcane Wonders previously confirming that the game was indeed heading for the country’s board games stores two months ago.

Furnace: Interbellum shifts the action to the 1920s and 1930s, the period before World War II, which is where the game derives its name. As capitalists, the five players will try to develop the richest companies and build empires that will outlast even the greatest human-made calamities.

A game of Furnace: Interbellum plays in 30-60 minutes and is expected to have a retail price of $32.99. The expansion has already elicited a very strong response from the community, as the project was first launched as a crowdfunding campaign and is only now arriving at retail.

Furnace: Interbellum scores 8 out of 10 on BoardGameGeek’s rank list but there are still too few ratings and feedback. Still, for those of you who love the original game, Interbellum seems like a worthwhile addition to the core gameplay.

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