Ankama Board Games' Arkeis.
Image credit: Ankama Board Games

Arkeis, a board game that is set in Ancient Egypt, with a very pointed steampunk angle, is coming to retail in 2023. The game by Ankama Board Games is expected at some point this year and has been developed by a quarter of designers, including Antoine Bauza, Corentin Lebrat, Ludovic Maublanc, and Théo Rivière.

Probe the Depths of the Pyramids for Answers – or Get Eaten 

In Arkeis, a team of archaeologists will work together to uncover the truth of bygone times while trying to advance into the bowels of pyramids and avoiding deadly contraptions. Oh, and did we mention the monsters? Forget the curse of the mummy, there are actual horrors in the pyramids trying to prevent you from ever getting to the truth… in one piece!

The campaign game features beautiful minis, offers cooperative gameplay, and a story-driven experience. The game is played in 60 minutes, and it is fit for 1-5 players aged 10+. Each of the players will step into the role of an adventurer as they move across a modular board to scout new sectors. 

Players have two actions to do on each turn, picking from search, assist, move, or fight. You will be further aided by the equipment that you can then use to upgrade your character and perform stronger actions. There will also be interesting decisions to make, trying to have one of those Indiana Jones nerve-wracking, split-second moments where you try to secure something of value while the ceiling is moving down trying to squash you like a bug.

Players will try to complete each of the scenarios and accomplish their objectives before they can move on to the next. Completing every scenario will of course bring you a bunch of rewards such as better equipment to use in the next.

The box itself comes with 9 scenarios, 5 heroes and their miniatures, more than 40 monster miniatures, and 7 3D modular rooms. There are also 9 double-sided scenery tiles, 6 backpacks, 10 dice, and so much more. It’s a bag full of goodies not unlike an Ancient Egyptian tomb!

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