Amigo and Bohnanza
Image credit: Amigo

The beloved classic by Uwe Rosenberg, Bohnanza, is coming back in a reimagined wrapping and theme. The Bohnanza: Dahlias published by AMIGO and illustrated by Beth Sobel is due to arrive in 2023 and it will be about farming flowers, plucking them, and trading them to secure a fortune in the game.

Bohnanza Dahlias Offers Fresh Take on the Classic Game

Players will be pretty familiar with the base premise of the new game, but it essentially runs on the familiar rules of the core game where you get a starting hand of cards – in this case random flower cards and try to amass and earn coins which are your way to a victory in the game.

One particular and interesting mechanic here is that you must use the cards in the order you have picked them from the deck – and you cannot rearrange them in your hand. Players must only plant different types of flowers in their field – that is plants that are not available in your field until now.

Players try to trade their cards between each other so that they can form a better hand and rejuggle their hand a little. Once the trading is done, the turn is completed, and two more cards are drawn from the deck. Players will also harvest flowers and receive coins based on the particular type of flower they are harvesting.

Strategic Depth, Flower Politics, and Sheer Stubbornness

Once the game comes to an end, the player with the most points, that is coins, wins. Bohnanza is a really straightforward game of fantastic strategic depth. While the rules may seem just a little confusing, they are very much streamlined and simple to follow once you play a round of the game.

There will be interesting situations in a game of Bohnanza: Dahlias where you may actually deny trading with a player to slow them down in the hopes of drawing a better hand yourself and freeing up the right cards to secure a victory in the end. There is strategic depth, politicking and scheming in Bohnanza and this Rosenberg classic is definitely going to feel just as fun in the new version.

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