Gale Force Nine's reprint of Aliens: Another Day in The Corps
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Gale Force Nine has confirmed that its acclaimed space-horror and survivalist board game Aliens: Another Glorious Day in The Corps will be returning back to stores in June 2023. Competing with some of the best in the genre, to name Nemesis, the title, designed by Andrew Haught, has managed to cultivate its own loyal and inspired fan base. 

The Xenomorphs Return This Year!

The base game is desgined for 1-6 players and has a general playtime of 60-120 minutes. Aliens focuses on a survivalist cooperative experience where every player is part of a specialist Colonial Marines squad who are faced with some serious out-of-this-world horrors. 

Before long, the marines run into the Xenomorphs that have laid waste to Hadley’s Hope and a new cycle of cat-and-mouse against the superior alien race begins. The game comes with six missions that will set the players on different paths – from exploring some of the safer zones of the colony to its deepest recesses where the Xeno nest is, and where alien life thrives.

Unlike games such as Nemesis where betrayal is a fun part of the gameplay and overall mechanics, the squad in Aliens is tight and its sole mission is to survive as a unit. Players will start with a pistol each and scavenge their way through the dead colony for heavier weaponry as they attempt to stay away from the Aliens’ path at first, and then take them head-on as they are better equipped. 

Slight Price Bump is, Excellent Way to Relive the Aliens Movies 

The new print run of the game will be released in multiple languages, including French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Polish, and the base price has been increased to $70 from the previously $60. Aliens also has the added bonus of drawing directly from Ridley Scott’s namesake franchise on which the game is fully based. 

This has made many loyalists choose it over Nemesis. Besides, Aliens is a cheaper and lighter entry into the Aliens movie franchise, and one might strike home with you in particular if you are a fan of Scott’s work. Make no mistake about the quality of the game, though, as this is Gale Force Nine’s signature style and if you have missed Aliens: Another Glorious Day in The Corps this is your chance to grab a copy. 

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