Cover art for Puerto Rico 1897, Alea's new board game.
Image Source: Alea

Puerto Rico is receiving an update in the game’s successor released under the name of Puerto Rico 1897. The news was revealed by Ravensburger’s brand Alea in a company update. The reimagined version of the game draws on realism as it has brought historical and cultural consultants to help guide the authenticity of the gameplay while still delivering on Alea’s masterful game design which made the game a timeless hit rated over 66,811 times on Board Game Geek.

Puerto Rico Returns with Its Gameplay and Theme Reimagined

The new version of the game will fast-forward away from the original timeline of the first release set in the 16th century to the 19th century instead. Players will each take the role of an independent Puerto Rican farmer who is looking to ploy his craft and earn a living, as they seek prosperity, wealth, and the finer things in life.

Puerto Rico 1897 will come with improved storylines, beautiful art, and accurate depictions of the people, crops, buildings, and general imagery used in the game to help create vivid and memorable experiences. The theme though will be just one aspect of the game that will follow the core gameplay principles found in the first game.

One of the cornerstones of the tabletop gaming hobby in the United States and much in the rest of the world, the game has acquired a cult following and remained a staple title since it was first released in 2002 and designed by German designer Andreas Seyfarth.

Ravensburger North American CEO and Global Head of Games Filip Francke welcomed the opportunity to reimagine the classic and bring a new version to board gaming enthusiasts whose numbers have increased exponentially since the turn of the century.

We brought together a passionate team, who carefully listened to consumer feedback and thoughtfully updated aspects of all areas of the game, from storyline to historical accuracy and imagery.

Ravensburger North American CEO and Global Head of Games Filip Francke

Francke thanked Dr. Teresita Levy and Jason Perez at Shelf Stories Consulting have agreed to share their knowledge about Puerto Rico and help create a product that retains its cultural significance and historic accuracy.

Paying Tribute to Puerto Rico’s Diverse Cultural Background

The year is similarly not picked at random as it refers to the year after the country achieved political independence from the colonial Spanish rule, ushering a new era of progress. Puerto Rico 1897 will have players compete for wealth and influence as the young nation is forged and seeks a way forward to the future. Ravensburger Head of Games North America Cassidy Werner welcomed the arrival of the new game, teasing that the new product will be released in October 2022.

Puerto Rico’s acclaimed game mechanics remain unchanged. We’ve updated thematic elements throughout the game to appropriately and respectfully represent Puerto Rico during that time period.

Ravensburger Head of Games North America Cassidy Werner

The goal of reviving the original in new wrapping is to ensure that players can experience an equally worthwhile title and for people to enjoy the resulting product for years to come. Alea and Ravensburger have published a number of other games of a similar strategic depth, including The Castles of Burgundy, The Castles of Tuscany, and The Quest for El Dorado.

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