Worthington Publishing's Waterloo Solitaire Board Game
Image credit: Worthington Publishing

Waterloo Solitaire Board Game is a brand new card game by Worthington Publishing and based on the Waterloo Solitaire Bookgame featured on Amazon. Now, though, Worthington Publishing is hoping to create a brand new tabletop experience with a new title that plays in 60 minutes and is based on the use of cards. The game is meant as a 1-player experience and allows you to play as either the Allied autonomous player side or as the French player who commands the Napoleon armies.

Waterloo Solitaire Board Games Comes to Kickstarter

To make things even more exciting, the game comes with three levels of difficulties for the automa side, with Challenging, Veteran, and Tough as the three possible challenges you can embark on. The player will be playing cards from their hand and also benefit from a special Combined Arms Tactics which is a supporting card action. 

Players may also rely on Die Roll Modifiers in an attempt to change the results of a battle or save units from being eliminated. To win, the French player would have to race against the clock and defeat at least two of the three Allied infantry formations before the game’s end. 

Meanwhile, the Allied player would have to hold out against the French before the game’s end. This makes the gameplay fairly straightforward and easy to follow. All of this is based on the Waterloo Solitaire Bookgame, which features details minis, a thick wooden board, and a realistic representation of the battlefield courtesy of great units featured in the box.

Well, the board game, which is the new version, will feature cards to drive the action forward. Each side would have its own dedicated deck of cards. There are also Action Charts that are once again available separately for the Allied and French players. The campaign for this delightful new board game is running through April 29, and with 12 days to go, you can definitely catch it.

Fantastic Campaign Underlined by Strong Product 

The game has been able to raise $17,212 so far, out of a set target of $1,815, so ahead of expectations. The Allied and French player cards are all beautifully done, and they offer a lot of wiggle room for strategic depth and focus. The card game still comes with a large game board that will allow you to see your strategic manoeuvring take shape in real-time. 

The card game will not cut the same minis as are found in the Amazon version but worry not, as you will have wooden game pieces that will fill in for the cavalry and infantry units. All in all, Worthington Publishing’s Waterloo Solitaire: Board Game Edition is one of the best 1-player wargames we have seen. 

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