Sinister Fish Games' Wizards & Co.
Image credit: Sinister Fish Games

Wizards & Co. is an upcoming 2-4 person PVP dungeon crawler board game published by Sinister Fish Games, set for release in 2024. The game does have a dedicated Kickstarter page, set to launch officially this summer.

In it, you get to take on the role of a greedy wizard trying to plunder the dungeons of the recently deceased high necromancer. Rumor has it he piled all his treasures and powerful artifacts in these very same dungeons. With his passing, his dungeons now lie unguarded, ripe for plunder! In his infinite wisdom, he made the enchanted vaults of the dungeon so that they can only be breached by a wizard. Well, as a wizard, so at least you got that part covered.

But you’re just one man – you can’t carry all this treasure by yourself. So, like any self-respecting wizard, you hire some lean and mean mercenaries to do it for you. And just when you open the dungeon vaults, you realize there’s more than one entrance. What’s worse – you’re not the only greedy wizard out there. Even worse – somehow they have the same mercenary configuration you do, so now you have yourself a tough fight in your hands.

Get Your Artifacts and Mercenaries Ready – Time to Brawl!

Each wizard aims to collect valuable magical artifacts and gemstones by placing their mercenary team creature cards face-up and face-down around octagonal dungeon boards. When a dungeon gets filled up, an epic battle takes place! During the battle, each mercenary’s abilities are triggered in clockwise order. As the forces are evenly matched, positioning is key!

After the fighting’s over, loot is distributed between the combatants and the dungeon crawl continues until a set number of dungeon boards are cleared. The artifacts seem to be the game’s wildcard, each offering unique effects that can swing any battle in your favor. While delving into the dungeons, wizards must also be careful not to trigger any enchantments the high necromancer might have left behind.

So far, this is the only information we have from the game publisher, but the Kickstarter is sure to be filled with exciting new details when it launches this summer.

Wizards & Co. is made by the all-Italian designer team of Flaminia Brasini, Virginio Gigli, Stefano Luperto and Antonio Tinto. They are no strangers to working together, as they are the team behind the successful Alma Mater and Egizia board games and their respective expansions, among others.

We can’t wait to share more news on the game, so stay tuned for more!

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