The HUnters A.D. 1492 board game cover art.
Image: Officina Monstrorum

The year is 1492 – Anno Domini. The threat – very real. The Hunters A.D. 1492 is a game set in post-apocalyptic Europe – we think – with the title inviting 1-4 players to work as a team to protect human settlements from the monstrosities beyond.

Time to Save Humanity – Again 

Monsters have spread around the world and human populations are dwindling, as the supernatural creatures need to feed. Reduced to livestock, humans have no one but the monster hunters to put their confidence in, and this is where you come in.

The game has narrative-driven gameplay, which will offer a lot of interesting twists and difficult decisions to make. The campaign will have you undergo a variety of quests which need to be completed successfully – which is usually a matter of life and death.

Each quest will take you around 30 to 60 minutes to do says Officina Monstrorum, the publisher behind the game and designer Mateusz Albricht. Players will have to develop their characters and ensure that they are well-equipped to face the challenges that lie beyond, which means customizing your characters. 

More Than 37 Hours of Playtime! 

Players will also barter with the locals, grab the odd job, overcome the out-of-the-blue danger, and generally embark on a life of monster slaying. The game is quite massive in terms of what you get from the box with 40 miniatures, 440 cards, and 37 quests, meaning you would have around 37 hours of playtime if you really took your time – or got eaten a few times, 5 books, and more than 450 additional components.

Then, there are the stretch goals to consider as well. The game has been illustrated by Tomasz Ryger with the Polish tabletop tradition coming alive once again in The Hunters A.D. 1492. The game is due to release in 2024. You may check out the Gamefound campaign in the meantime if you are interested. 

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