Tactical Games' upcoming Kickstarter Atlas Lost.
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A Kickstarter date for the arrival of “Atlas Lost: Rise of the New Sovereigns” has been confirmed by TACTICAL GAMES, the studio created in 2017 to continue the tradition of Japanese board game making.

The studio has already produced a number of distinguished games, such as “The Wicked Forest,” “Perfumery,” and “It’s 5 PM.” Now, “Atlas Lost” becomes the latest addition in the studio’s portfolio of imaginative and out-of-the-box games.

Atlas Lost Sends Players on Civilization-Building Journey

TACTICAL GAMES has confirmed the launch of the Kickstarter campaign which is still in preview. At press time, the project has 1465 followers who are waiting for the launch date. “Atlas Lost” is a 2-4-player game that takes 60-90 minutes to complete.

The plot places players in the near-future where the world has collapsed because of AI warfare. As society collapses and progress has been forgotten, players set out to discover lost pieces of technology that will put them in control of what’s left of the world.

“Atlas Lost” bills itself as a tech-tree and resource management civilization-style game. The game relies on modular tiles and gameplay elements to create unique experiences as people seek to collect various relics and artifacts from the heyday of human civilization.

Players will try to build back societies in their own image and become the dominant civilization the desolate world of “Atlas Lost,” hence the aptly-picked name of the game. The title is designed by Totsuca Chuo and illustrated by Kazuma Koda and Yota Suzuki.

Totsuca previously worked on other TACTICAL GAMES titles, including “Perfumery.” Both Suzuki and Koda have also contributed on various projects for the studio. TACTICAL GAMES is still a new studio, but it already has a decent track record and number of titles behind its back.

While not all of its titles are known on the US and European board gaming scene, it’s good to see a new highly-polished title heading our way.

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