Star Reach Games and CYSMIC
Image credit: Star Reach Games

Star Reach Games, a brand new studio and publisher, has launched its inaugural campaign for Cysmic, an objective-based board game that will feature “massive disaster” and “epic science fiction.” Well, we are sold!

Cysmic Will Have You Rush for a Way Off the Planet

The campaign has just got underway with the game approaching its $74,500 funding goal at the time of writing with 28 days to go, 314 backers and $54,014 in the bank. The plot of the game will set 2-6 players in the midst of a planet that is simply coming undone.

You are bang in the middle of an epic sci-fi war zone with each player assuming control of one of the factions, trying their best to survive. Players will set out to gather resources, capture enemy units, and construct a colony ship to try and leave the infernal place.

In a macabre designing twist, the faction to first launch for the stars will also end up destroying the planet and sealing the fates for those who stay behind. It all started peacefully, with an ambitious terraforming project getting underway until it ended up wreaking havoc across the landscape and triggered irreversible cataclysms.

The game plays in 60-180 minutes and is suitable for players aged 14+. The scene is definitely something that piques our fancy and pulls us in. The gameplay is fairly straightforward, as the main objective is to survive and evacuate the planet. Players will recruit units, explore their surroundings, and have the occasional inroad with neighboring factions competing for resources.

Resources must be collected swiftly and possibly denied from your opponents. Players will shift through Unit and Tactic cards and perform a bonus action. There are five rounds to the game, and each round will consist of five rounds, giving players plenty of time to explore the full chaos that unfolds and try to survive it.

Sound Development Philosophy Guides Cysmic

There are a lot of mins and sculpts for each player, as the game really focuses on providing you with an excellent and immersive quality. Meanwhile, Cysmic is designed by Jason Blake and illustrated by Blake and Szymek Dmitruk.

Blake is based in Lumberton, Texas, and he has been working on the game since 2017 and doing in-depth research and development to ensure that once Cysmic hits the launchpad, it would end up a success. Blake outlines his plans for Star Reach Games as a publisher and studio that focuses on a game’s theme, mechanics, and approach to gameplay and that those should meld together seamlessly.

Cysmic has been online since April 27, 2023 on Kickstarter and makes for a fantastic title to at least consider exploring, especially if you love large-scale and epic conflict with your board games.

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