Skytear Horde Monoliths cover for the Gamefound campaign of the new reprint of the base game and new expansion.
Image: Skytear Games

Skytear Horde, the innovative card battler for 1-3 players, is about to launch a new Gamefound crowdfunding campaign. The publisher, Skytear Games, is bringing a reprint of the original game along with a new, standalone expansion, Monoliths

What’s in the Skytear Horde Box? 

The campaign features a reprint of the Skytear Horde original along with the Skytear Horde Monoliths expansion. This brings a total of 64 combinations of a total of 8 hordes and 8 alliance decks, making for an interesting variety that has plenty to offer to fans of the game. 

The game itself is a lane-based card battler which will have one or two players fight against a horde of monsters. A third player may end up playing the actual horde, adding a bit of spice to the experience. 

In truth, the game reminds me of the “tower defense” maps in video games such as Warcraft 3 and StarCraft, yet Skytear Horde is its own thing. The publisher argues that the experience is more akin to competitive card battlers such as Magic: The Gathering, Keyforge, and Hearthstone, only this time the players vie against the “AI.” 

Essentially, though, you are still defending a castle (hence the allusion to a card battler). Let the castle fall and it is game over for you. The new game brings even more unique cards to enjoy. 

Easy Set-up, Easy Clear-up

Skytear Horde: Monoliths and the original are also very easy to set up, play and then store away. The game is built with intuitive and straightforward gameplay that allows you to turn this into a quick filler experience or spend lengthier sessions playing the game. 

The game has also focused on making the experience more rewarding by adding levels of difficulty, and besides – bringing smart opponents to control the horde is already an added level of challenge as well. There are 3 ready-made alliance decks in the core bo, and 3 horde decks, each with their own decks. 

But hold on, because you can customize and mix the decks to create even more combinations for an added incentive to try harder or just because you love the challenge. Skytear Horde is now on Gamefound and you can swing by and check the campaign. 

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