Sinister Fish Games' boxes for Moon and Valkyrie Expansion board games.
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Following the success of “Villagers” and “Streets,” Sinister Fish Games has been able to wrap up another successful crowdfunding campaign. This time, the company has completed the funding round that rose £396,992 by 8,194 backers for “Moon,” the latest installment in the familiar board game series.

Build the Best Lunar Base to Win the Game

The game is designed and illustrated by Haakon Gaarder, who developed the previous two games in the series, and has been met with warmth from the community. “Moon” follows on the successful campaigns realized by “Villagers” in 2018 and the “Streets” campaign in 2020.

Both games have been listed in top 3000 games on BoardGameGeek making them some of the most notable achievements in the board gaming hobby. The new title is fit for 1-5 players and will take you on an adventure 100 years into the future, one era at a time.

The goal of the game is to develop infrastructure and ensure resource production as you set out on a multi-generational experience where your accomplishments will benefit future settlers and colonists on the Moon. Ultimately, you will use pick & pass card drafting to advance work on your base, seeking to establish your project as the most worthwhile one.

Once again, the new game will feature a ton of components. The retail edition alone comes with 193 cards (65×100 mm), 80 resource tokens, 70 heart tokens, 50 wooden rover tokens, eight card dividers, and so much more. The “Valkyrie Expansion” comes with another 15 structure cards, two Valkyrie launch cards, five wooden spaceship tokens, and more. The retail edition is also listed for $36 in retail.  

Forget Elon Musk, You Lead Mankind to the Stars

The game posits a plausible scenario whereby mankind and private corporations begin a rush to establish their operations on Earth’s closest celestial neighbor, hoping to gain an edge in the imminent space race of the century. While not fleshed out with so many words in the game’s rules, you are free to imagine your plot and why humanity is suddenly racing to colonize a dead but valuable space rock.

Players will have to deploy equipment and trained personnel to ensure that the work on their outposts and bases may continue. A new “Expedition” type cards have been added to the gameplay to make it more exciting with a free action that is taken every turn. The wooden lunar rover tokens will be used to resolve ties and create a worker placement element to the game.

The game will also revolve around three eras with players setting out to conquer five different tracks, including transportation, industry, food production, science and housing. Bonus victory points are attributed to leaders in any of these tracks at the end of each stage. There are a few goodies more to benefit from, such as the “Reputation” cards that will provide bonuses to all players.

Shipments are estimated to arrive in June 2023, so around 12 months from now. Stay tuned for more information from Sinister Fish Games. If the Moon is a theme you really love, then you urge you to check out “Lunar Outpost,” a game developed with input by former NASA astronaut Dan Tani.

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