Santorini Kickstarter Pantheon.
Image credit: Roxley Games

Guess what? Roxley Games, the publisher behind so many of our favorite tabletop games, to wit Radlands, Brass Birmingham, and not least, Santorini, has confirmed the arrival of Santorini: Pantheon Edition.

Santorini Gets Revamped Version, Co-op Mode and the Ol’ Faces

The edition will feature a new cooperative expansion called the Riddle of the Sphinx and bring you more of your favorite board game originally designed and released in 2016 and designed by Gordon Hamilton, who has chosen the affectionate moniker Gord-exclamation-mark.

The campaign is set to launch on April 11, giving the followers enough time to prepare for the upcoming campaign and have a crack. Santorini is a game of chess or checker, depending on your philosophical and cultural bent, and it involves strategic decision-making that will have you advance work on the city of Santorini.

The goal is to complete three levels of building, with the third one – a dome that tops off your good work. Thus, is victory achieved in the Ancient polis of Santorini. This sounds simple enough, but from the standpoint of Greek gods, the only point of humanity is to amuse them – and get turned into a charcoal on occasion.

The game features unique powers and abilities bestowed by the Gods themselves and used to help builders pull off great architectural feats on a quick notice. Apollo’s extra movement or Demeter’s additional building all sound like good and cunning abilities to let you gain your advantage from all-high over the competition.

Well, the Pantheon edition is pretty much about the exact same thing. You will get an overhauled version – from a component point of view and enjoy it to its fullest. There is a new 3D island frame where the bulk of the action is taking place as well. And, the old deities are coming back with Ares, Moerae, Morpheus, Nyx, Odysseys, Persephone, Jason, Nyx, Iris and the Hydra all coming back to the action.

As to the cooperative mode, it will be designed by Paul Saxberg and James van Niekerk’s and can be played with up to four people, or players can go it alone if they choose to. Santorini is one of the best board games for couples to try, and you have all the more reason to do so now. Check out the Kickstarter campaign on April 11.

Stoyan Todorov

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