Crossbows and Catapults by Restoration Games
Image: Restoration Games

Restoration Games, the studio behind a number of excellent board games, and possibly best known for the Unmatched series and game system, has made an announcement via Twitter that it will be bringing back an old classic – Crossbows and Catapults. The new game is due to head to Kickstarter this month and backers may already start signing up to be notified upon launch.

A Beloved Classic of Castle Destruction Is Making a Return

A Backerkit link was provided as part of the official announcement instead, and the reception has already been quite encouraging. At least 1,044 people have signed to be notified when the campaign starts, showing a great bit of interest in the game.

The company has already had its successful crack at a number of classics, including Fireball Island Curse of Vul-Kar, Return to Dark Tower, and Thunder Road Vendetta, bringing them to freshly-minted versions to a strong and encouraging reception by players.

The classic children’s game will have players build a wall of bricks to protect their fort, and then take alternate turns shooting at each other’s structures with ballistae and plastic discs directly at the walls or trying to lob a ball over the wall and straight into the opponent’s fort.

Restoration Games outlined the efforts that have gone into recreating the game, assuring fans that the company has spent years of unwavering commitment to ensure that the resulting product would be something players appreciate. The resulting gameplay is powerful, reliable and lots of fun, the company confirmed.

Innovating the Weaponry and Depth of Crossbows and Catapults

Of course, the new version comes with a few cool features and opportunities that go beyond the original 1983 gameplay. For one, Restoration Games has expanded the possible structures that can be built, adding variety and perhaps even a strategic significance to the game. The weapons have been revamped as well, so that they come with a unique firing profile. You can adjust trajectories, aim more precisely, and generally feel like a strategist carefully planning every volley.

Additionally, there are new Trebuchet and Ballista weapons, which are equipped with fresh features that add to the core gameplay. People who choose to get the game through the upcoming campaign will also be eligible for an exclusive bonus, which includes 2 special metallic-colored ammo discs – free of charge! As Restoration Games puts it – let the battle begins, but first – you may need to back the campaign.

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