Postcard Games' print-at-home board game Aquamarine.
Image Source: Postcard Games

The premium game genre is definitely getting a lot of eyeballs, but what about the clever designs that can turn an industry on its head? Sometimes flashiness gives way to elegance as shown by Aquamarine, a print-at-home game by Postmark Games and designers Matthew Dunstan and Rory Muldoon.

Successful Kickstarter Campaign Wraps for Aquamarine

The game wrapped up its gaming campaign with £26,759 pledged by 6,596 backers who spent $5 to gain access to this epic 1-100 player experience. Featuring superb art done by Muldoon, the game has an intuitive design and feel, making it easy for players to enjoy it at home and use it as a quick filler or an epic, calculating adventure.

There is nothing left to chance in the 20-30-minute game for ages 8+, though, as you will have to strategize how to reach rewards at the ocean’s bed while conserving your supply of oxygen and looking for valuable fish and coral in sea caves.

Players race to discover the secrets of Aquamarine, the underwater world, which has all the goodies stashed away. Whoever dares to explore the perils of the water depths will be rewarded, but they also need to survive as players still have to keep track of the oxygen.

Apart from pencil-pushing, there will be also some dice rolling involved in the game, letting some things to chance, but ultimately putting you in the driver’s seat when choosing when to plunge towards victory and when to resurface, bidding your time.

Aquamarine is of a particularly clever design that takes a single sheet of paper and once again proves that elevating the board gaming experience requires a little more than a pencil, some dice and a few sheets of papers.

Print-at-Home and Roll-and-Write Experiences Picking Up

The game has been described as fun and challenging by people who have already had their hands on it, offering more competitive play for those who seek it and a relaxed format for the casual oceanographers amongst you.

Games that rely on printing the experience at home or filling in the blanks with pencils have been really picking up. Most recently, Pencil First Games announced preorders for “Delicious.”

In the meantime, suffice to say that Dunstan has worked on a number of other more traditional board games with titles as “Monumental,” “Pioneer Days,” and “Chocolate Factory” some of the best rated titles of all times.

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