Thorgal Gamefound campaign by Portal Games.
Image credit: Portal Games

Portal Games has set an official launch date for Thorgal, the much-anticipated cooperative story-driven adventure game that will offer a deep dive into Nordic Mythology. The company has confirmed April 11 as the campaign’s launch date. Thorgal will be available for 1-4 players

Dive into Adventure in the World of Nordic Mythology 

Hosted on Gamefound, the campaign has already amassed a robust following with some 8,322 people subscribed and waiting to check out Joanna Kijanka’s latest game. Kijanka is known for her work on Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North, Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island, and Dreadful Circus

Players will get a chance to scout out limited content from the game with a tabletop simulator, which will allow them to decide if they are happy with what they see and whether they would want to back the campaign – with so many backers following the campaign, people must be liking what they are seeing. The company has worked hard on making the rulebook and campaign storytelling as enjoyable as possible, awarding players with a much look-forward experience. 

The book contains various maps and each of the seven stand-alone scenarios will be played on a different map. Each scenario will take around 90-120 minutes to play, but you need not worry about replayability or continuity as Portal Games says that the scenarios do not form a campaign or add any legacy features to the whole adventure. 

While there is a certain level of pre-determination with the scripted story-telling, players will also experience a fair bit of randomness and variety, giving you a slightly different play each time around. True, the narrative element is still there, but there are also novelty features, such as the action-selection mechanic, for example. 

Actions will be available to pick by players depending on what they have already picked and chosen. There are a lot of interesting decisions going into the game and yes – you will be able to enjoy strong character development as you progress, advancing your abilities and feeling like your progress, if there is no universal underlying campaign. This is more of a plus to the game, which focuses on bringing an enjoyable experience without introducing unnecessary hindrances. 

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