Into the Godsgrave by Lady Duck Games
Image credit: Lady Duck Games

Lady Duck Games, the publisher of many excellent games, amongst which Sleeping Gods, Dune: Imperium, Too Many Bones, and others, has outlined a new project by designer Grzegorz Szczepański who is debuting with Into the Godsgrave, a game slated for release in 2024

Setting the Context and Story of Godsgrave 

Into the Godsgrave is centered around precisely what you may think – the death of gods whose demise has been celebrated it seems as they were mean supernatural beings capable of great cruelty. What purpose their evilry served is hard to discern. But mankind has triumphed in freeing itself from the shackles of the evil masters. Only now, there are those who now want to restore the old mythos and bring back the age of the gods – or a new one.

New Gods and followers are beginning to emerge, and their purpose is unknown, the publisher says. Now, a bunch of mercenaries will have to figure it out, as you are hired to do odd jobs that seem to be connected and have a deeper meaning. The mercenaries must figure out what’s up with the mysterious Triarchy.

The game is listed on BoardGameGeek as a 1-4 player title, with 60-120 minutes of play time and fit for ages 14+. Into the Godsgrave also already has a project page on Kickstarter set up with the game being developed out of Krakow, Poland. 

Lucky Duck Games has defined the upcoming title as a “Digital Hybrid Board Game of fate and divine resurrection.” In the meantime, there are other details that definitely flesh out the project nicely.

Closer Look at the Gameplay 

There is plenty of exploration involved with the board built with hexagons. Throughout the world of Godsgrave, players will face enemies, complete quests, and discover the place’s secrets. There is a Story App that will accompany the gameplay and help you immerse yourself into the game. Dozens of monsters, quests and items lie ahead with the app bringing the game’s world to life. 

Since there will be a lot of heroes involved, each character will have their own unique lineage and class. You will have cards that include items, weapons, abilities, and events, which allow you to perform “epic maneuvers,” Lady Duck Games details as part of the official game presentation. 

The game is one of skill, with each hero bringing different abilities to the party, represented with a die. In order to succeed, the players must work together and tackle something called a “Plan Card” which will determine the play style for the party in each round. Sometimes you will be swift and aggressive, but other times you will have to conserve your resources and bid your time.

Every step in Godsgrave may be treacherous, so make sure that you tread carefully. You may check out Into the Godsgrave Kickstarter page and sign up for updates. 

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