The official Kickstarter coverage for Lord Racoon Games' Taverns & Dragons.
Image Source: Lord Racoon Games

Independent French board game designer Lord Raccoon Games has announced a new Kickstarter project, Taverns & Dragons. The original $20,000 goal has already been surpassed, putting the developer in a good position to release its second game after the success of The Last Bottle of Rum in 2021.

Forget Hell’s Kitchen, Taverns & Dragons Has It All

The game is co-designed by Marver and Baptiste Michard whose distinct illustrations will inspire the game’s imaginative look. As the designers put it, Taverns & Dragons are about dragon eggs and hellfire species, magic mushrooms, and a very hungry King.

Taverns & Dragons focuses on dice placement and worker movement mechanics and offers a type of family-friendly adventure experience, nevermind the bloodshed along the way, that will have 2-5 players try to cook the best dish to serve the ravenous King and invent the most delectable recipe in the process all the while fighting dragons and bandying up with heroes to bring even more repute to their establishment.

To make sure your meal tastes good, you will first need to set off on an epic adventure that may or may not require hunting various creatures which are just as intent on eating you and your heroes before you can collect the tasty bits. The game features a decent variety with 20 recipe cards, 20 hero cards, and eight location tiles with plenty of gameplay.

The components in the Kickstarter campaign are beautiful, imaginative, and evocative, and if you enjoy colorful adventuresque themes this game comes at a very affordable price of $46. While the game may look a little light it could very well translate into more sophisticated gameplay if you want to have a more competitive run.

Lord Racoon Games tells gamers to be prepared to make strategic choices and execute combos that will be crucial in securing a victory in the game, so if you are the more competitive sort, then there is definitely something for you.

Highly-Entertaining and Beautifully Designed

For those of you looking for a more laidback adventure, though, Taverns & Dragons will also be a great pick. Another interesting mechanic here is the procurement of hero services who will bring even more fame and generate you the game’s main currency, prestige points, which you need to distinguish your own cooking it seems and compel the King to eat your food.

To achieve this, you need to lure the old rascal by making sure that when he finally arrives in town, he will already have heard about the unmatched cook you are. Besides, having slain dragons makes for a good dinner story, too. Taverns & Dragons’ Kickstarter campaign will wrap up on August 5 at 12:00 am UTC +3:00.

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