The art for the upcoming game Kinfire Chronicles.
Image Source: Incredible Dream Studios

There is darkness all around in the world and it will be down to you and your companions to defeat the evil that permeates our realm. To do so, you will have to embark on an adventure in “Kinfire Chronicles: Night’s Fall” which is set to go live on Kickstarter any day now.

Fight the Darkness that Engulfs Atios

Developed by an ambitious team of designers and artists, and published by Incredible Dream Studios, the game promises to be an adventuresque gem. Designers Kevin Wilson, Darrell Hardy, Adela Kapuścińska and Brandon Perdue have all come together to work a new project that will have 1-4 players running through what is a quick-paced game completed in 45-60 minutes per sit-down.

So, what is this co-operative, quest-based RPG board game? Well, the plot is prosaic but the execution of the theme and design seem to give the game its unique edge and ambiance that will resonate with players. You embody the seekers, the adventurers who are tasked with pushing back darkness away from the imagined world of Atios.

There are 15 quests you need to complete to make sure that darkness has been sealed beyond Atios and can never reach the world, and the best part? The storyline will branch into different directions based on your choices, with the entire campaign offering replayability which is always welcome.

The quests are split into three phases each with battle, exploration and well… adventuring all part of the mission rites you need to perform to advance. “Kinfire” leans in on cooperation as it allows players to engage with each other and assist each other as they battle through the adventure. The game will allow you to-and-fro between adventure and cities from which you can acquire valuable purchases to use on your future adventures.

Moral Dilemmas and Branching Storylines

The difficulty of the adventure will also increase with your seekers developing themselves to brave these new terrors. There will be a good deal of moral dilemmas in the game as well, as seekers can quash terror by harsher means such as slaying Darkness’s’ allies outright or sparing their lives in a grand gesture of mercy and humanity.

The game itself should be up to designing standards as it will be worked on by the same people who have helped create “Descent: Journeys in the Dark,” “Runebound,” and “Star Wars: Imperial Assault,” among others.

The illustrations for the upcoming game are done by Katarzyna Redesiuk, Katarzyna Bekus, Sandra Chlewińska, and Weronika Kozyra. Incredible Dream Studios has set the release date for 2023.

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