Devil Pig Games' Kickstarter.
Image credit: Devil Pig Games

Devil Pig Games has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for Heroes of the Pacific: Battle of Guadalcanal, with the campaign enjoying a strong initial success. There have been more than 910 backers at press time, with $98,792 raised out of a stated goal of $43,346, demonstrating the French publisher’s good standing with the community.

New Game Based on the Heroes System Arrives

The new game is once again based on the HEROES SYSTEM: TACTICAL SCALE which is an award-winning concept which has underpinned many of Devil Pig’s tabletop delights over the past years. The game focuses on skirmishes fought between individual armies which rely on tactics and smart positioning to outmanoeuvre and defeat the opponent’s navy and army units.

The setting is based on World War II, with players choosing to either defend the Solomon Islands or conduct an offensive themselves. The new game also adds the armies of the Japanese Empire and United States Marine Corps, which will have to fight through new game terrains, such as jungles, calling for a more tactical play from the get-go.

Heroes of the Pacific: Battle of Guadalcanal is designed with replayability in mind, as the game tries to navigate a somewhat small field of battle but still offers enough variety so that it allows players to return to the game and discover a new stratagem that changes the dynamic of the entire gameplay. 

The gameplay also features unique heroes that have their own weaponry and character traits that, as you can imagine, will add to the battle in various ways and help you figure out new ways to bring your own army closer to victory. These characters will serve as a balancing mechanic, as their abilities can help you withstand an attack or an ambush. 

Speaking of the gameplay, the game will also feature the standard phases, i.e. Supply, Order and Activation. The game already looks like a worthy successor of the Heroes System concept. The core box will bring plenty of action for you to enjoy, but there are also stretch goals to unlock and grab. The campaign is running through April 14, 2023, so there is still plenty of time to grab yourself a copy! 

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