Greyridge Games' Weirdwood Manor
Image credit: Greyridge Games

A new Kickstarter campaign is coming with Weirdwood Manor, the debut game by Greyridge Games, launching its crowdfunding on April 18, 2023. This cooperative game by designer Mike Cassie will ask 1-5 players to pool their efforts to battle time and malevolent monsters in a magical, ever-changing manor.

The Fae Monster Descends Upon Weirdwood Manor 

So far as good artistic settings go, Weirdwood Manor has the bearings of a great game. The title is inspired by a horror/adventure theme with a lot of euro gaming elements intertwined into the core gameplay as well. As forces of evil descend upon the titular Weirdwood Manor, you and your companions will have to fight and protect Lady Weirdwood from the Fae Monster and Clockwork Scarab minions.

The battles that ensue are mysterious, fraught, and full of fresh horrors, with time tirelessly toiling away. Players will have to figure out how the different rooms of the manor connect even when the layout will shift continuously. Players will also be able to manipulate time, but if they fail to defeat the monster in the allocated time, they will end up losing anyway.

The game is rich in design with six asymmetrically-designed characters that come to your aid. Plus, you can also call on additional allies and recruit them to your cause. Each player will craft their own unique deck and muster special powers to ensure that the Fae Monster is slain. Players need to plan their turns well enough, too, as they will face the Fae Monster after each round.

Strategize Your Best Move But Remember – Time Is Not Your Ally

And, as times drag on, the game will become even more challenging with the Fae Monster growing in strength and power. The game will have a lot of challenges hidden away at the different stages of play, making for gameplay that is punctuated by its own unique hurdles that players need to address as a collective.

Having the right strategy is important to make sure that you realize your goal of protecting Lady Weirdwood and putting an end to the advancing Clockwork Scarab minions. The game also pivots away from having a single player as the ultimate leader, attempting to create a universal balance that makes each participant equally important. 

Reviews have also cropped up of the game since it was first introduced at GenCon 2022, with players and reviewers who have had the chance of trying the game in-person, fairly certain that it will be a worthwhile title. With the campaign set for April 18, this game is easily one of the most-anticipated Kickstarters this year. 

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