Dynamite Entertainment's Kickstarter page for Fire and Ice
Image: Dynamite Entertainment

The long-anticipated miniatures board game based on the Fire and Ice franchise is finally going into the crowdfunding phase, with the Kickstarter set to begin on ThursdayAugust 10. The project is touted as a tactical skirmish game for more than two games.

The game is described as a competitive wargame which will see the Heroes of the Firekeep battle against the Forces of Icepeak battle for dominion over the realm of men and beast. The upcoming title is going to feature a game board that will allow you to unfold your miniatures and manoeuvre around tactical combat that you bring to the fore through your grasp of the game which will improve with every skirmish. 

Fire and Ice Miniatures Adventure Game is based on the animation and work of Frank Frazetta. The game is named after the American animated epic dark fantasy adventure film of 1983, Fire and Ice, which was directed by Ralph Bakshi and tells the story of a dawn-of-mankind society in which hunter-gatherers fight for survival while an evil caste secures dominance over the majority of the known lands and settlements.  

The game is published by Dynamite Entertainment, the publisher best known for its Pathfinder comic book series. The upcoming game will supposedly be playable by 2-99 players and take 60 minutes to play. The recommended age is 14+ and there is no designer credited with the game as per the game’s official board game geek entry. 

The project already has a dedicated Kickstarter page set up with 559 followers at the time of writing. 

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