Fighters of Europe's Kickstarter campaign.
Image credit: Capsicum Games

Capsicum Games has returned with a new fast-paced tactical board game Fighters of Europe that focuses on air combat and takes place in Britain during World War 2. At first blush, the game may remind you of other similar titles set in the same period and genre, but designers Didier Dincher and Frank Garibaldi have done their best to create a product that will offer deep and tactical gameplay and come with rules that can be taught quickly. The game’s Kickstarter launches today, April 18.

Fight for Britain in 1940 

Combining military prowess, strategic decision-making and straightforwardness, Fighters of Europe is due in 2024 with the game accommodating 1-4 players, playing in 120-240 minutes, and suitable for ages 14. The game may stand out by virtue of how easy it is to teach and get in the actual gameplay, but at its core, Fighters of Europe is an intense chase for air dominance with Britain 1940 the main theatre of battle.

There are no dice and no rulers involved in this wargame, which will immediately appeal to tactical players who wish to do away with unnecessarily fiddly aspects of the gameplay. The core game mechanics are streamlined to allow players to engage immediately and for their decisions to have a bearing on the outcome of the game. 

Players will further maneuver their planes to get enemies in their sights and try to dodge incoming damage. Some planes will engage in a dogged aerial fight while others will seek to take out ground installations. Players will also come with their unique attributes, such as speed, armor, and special abilities, giving even more strategic depth to the entire experience.

Great Strategic Depth and Polished Experience 

The base game will come with everything you need to play – including the player aids, tokens, and a modular board. There are also the squadrons of Hurricanes, Spitfires and Messerschmidt Bf109, Heinkel 111 and Junker 88 that will wage war on each other. While the gameplay is quite simple, you will still get to play various scenarios, with 10 scenarios available with the release of the core box. 

Fighters of Europe seems to be a scaled-up version of Fighters of the Pacific, another game in the same game system and series, which was limited to two players but has won praise from wargames hobbyists. Stay tuned for more updates with the game’s Kickstarter campaign!

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