Arcane Wonders' Foundations of Rome BackerKit campaign.
Image Source: Arcane Wonders

Arcane Wonders has launched another crowdfunding campaign for “Foundations of Rome,” a game released in 2022 and already impressing with its unique and immersive gameplay. The new campaign hosted on Kickstarter has launched a second printing of the base game along with a new expansion, “Roads of Fortune,” which will fit in the core box.

Foundations of Rome and Expansion Return to Crowdfunding

Board gaming fans who missed the first campaign will have a chance to scoop up the original game with a little extra on Kickstarter. The reprint comes with familiar perks from the first campaign, including Gardens of Ceres and Metal Statue, Emperor Sundrop, and GameToppers Roman Playmat.

Should players already have a copy of the base game, the KS campaign is happy to let you claim only a copy of the expansion. “Foundations of Rome” is a worthwhile and innovative game that goes a little too heavy on miniatures, but none of the designer solutions are serving their own end, with the game looking to and succeeding in inspiring a majestic overall look.

The box contains 96 beautifully and high-quality miniatures in the base game alone, giving 2-4 players an awesome opportunity to accomplish outstanding feats of architectural prowess as they compete to build the most riveting city. The game calls itself a testament to the glory of Ancient Rome that you can bring to the table.

From the Mind of the “Century” Franchise

The game is designed by Emerson Matsuuchi, the mastermind behind the “Century” series and other original board gaming treats. Players need not worry that the experience is too heavily focused on the miniatures as such, as you have plenty of strategic decisions to undertake in order to advance your own designs.

Plots of new land will not come too easy as you will have to engage in various activities to collect income and ensure that you have the means to purchase valuable plots before you can feast your eyes on the beautiful designs. Players will also score based on their own designs along with the buildings of their opponents.

“Foundations of Rome” prides itself as an easy to set up game that gets you involved quickly and leaves you impressed with how the visuals complement the gameplay and vice versa. If you want to scoop a copy of this game or are looking to expand your available miniatures, Arcane Wonders is now happy to help you out in their new crowdfunding campaign.

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