Davy Jones' Locker The Kraken Wakes cover art.
Image Source: Giovani Spadaro and Daniele Nicotra

Game designers and hobbyists Zachary and Katie Jacob have launched the crowdfunding campaign for “Davy Jones’ Locker: The Kraken Wakes,” a new cooperative and pirate-themed game with no elimination. With the funding goal set fairly low at $28,000, the campaign has already halved that in the hours since it launched earlier today with 255 backers onboard at press time. The beautiful art is the work of illustrators Giovani Spadaro and Daniele Nicotra and “Davy Jones’ Locker” will be released by PudKat Games, the studio formed specifically to see this game come to life.

Setting the Story and Plot of the Game

“Davy Jones’ Locker” is split into two acts and is designed for 1-4 players. The game will be focusing on maintaining and improving your ship in Act 1. Players will sail the seven seas in a bid to secure the best advancements for their own ship, engage in the occasional naval battle, explore shipwrecks, visit markets, fend off raiders, and raid ships carrying precious cargo themselves.

It will all serve a grander design revealed in Act 2 and heavy with destiny. The flotsam that pollutes the seas all seem to share the same source – a horrendous incident that has pulled ships to the bottom of the seas or shred them apart.

With no reliable witnesses to speak of these events, alleged survivors and seafarers begin to spread the rumor about Davy Jones and his locker. One thing becomes clear by the end of Act 1 – whatever has destroyed those ships is mostly likely of physical form, and of course it is, as players will brave The Kraken in Act 2.

Beware, though, as players crossing the board to collect stories and scavenging for anything of value may actually awake the beast. Disturb The Kraken in his sleep and he will emerge from the depths of Davy Jones’ Locker. It’s a good Kraken, too – eight tentacles and all. Players will have to put their differences (if any) aside and work together to try and take down this legendary horror together.

If your ship is sunk, other players may come to your rescue and scoop you out from the wreckage, as you all battle with everything at your disposal, hoping to defeat the beast. The game is based on a win-all or lose-all scenario with no single player eliminatio.

Working Together Is Key to Victory

“Davy Jones’ Locker” is designated as a semi co-op board gaming experience which will have you often progress and advance for your own ship’s gain while also relying on other players to defeat the Kraken. Apart from the co-op mode, though, you may opt for solo play, which will give you additional playthrough options.

Players will be able to choose their ships and pick from unique vessels that have their own strengths and weaknesses, and unique abilities. Players will be able to pick from 10 actions and make three per turn during Act 1.

Traveling around the seas will also entail benefits and some drawbacks as a special event deck is created to see what fate has in store for you. Players will also have the opportunity to secure intel from pirate havens and go after Treasure Galleons, although often they would need to team up to take down the ships which are more than happy to put up a fight.

During Act 2, the board will change with a gigantic maelstrom appearing in the middle of the map from whence The Kraken will emerge. Braving the beats head-to-head is not all there is to watch out for. The currents will change and The Kraken’s tentacles will flail at your ships as you inflict them mortal wounds or scurry to pull other players from the shipwrecks.

There is a whole lot more to this game, including various event cards that bind the movements and attacks of The Kraken, additional challenges incorporated elegantly into the gameplay and overall giving you the idea that you are at the mercy of the elements as you fight nature’s mightiest champion.

The campaign ends on Thursday, August 25 at 3:59 pm UTC + 3:00. The game’s pledge is set at $75 and includes a copy of the game, all unlocked stretched goals and access to the pledge manager. Deliveries are set for July 23. From first blush, Jacob’s “The Kraken Wakes” looks like exquisite work of board game design. Find out more on the dedicated Kickstarter campaign page.

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