D.E.I. board game and Gamefound campaign.
Image credit: D.E.I.

Post-apocalyptic scenarios have been a popular theme in board games. Whether we zap back to the pre-historic times with Endless Winter or take a bold step forward into the future with Frostpunk, there is a lot going on tugging at that particular thread. 

D.E.I. Nears Gamefound Campaign Completion 

The latest game to bring something to this dystopic future in which the planet is in the grips of a new ice age is D.E.I: Divide et Impera by designer Tommaso Battista, the man behind Barrage

D.E.I has been able to surpass 1,000 backers and reached a funding goal of more than the $42,000 it set out to raise. At the time of writing, D.E.I. has been able to bring more than $150,000, a testament not only to the man who is designing the game but also to the original concept and richness of the character of the upcoming board game itself. 

The concept, just like Barrage, will put mankind in a race for survival, with the cities of the future has become icy deserts and uninhabitable lands. Survivors band together in an attempt to scrap resources together and make it through another day. Food and fuel are of the essence, with precious few available anywhere.

There are also the Pure Ones who try to maintain a link to the technological and civilization past of mankind as the survivors do their best to get by. Yet, for survivors to make it, they need to please the Pure Ones, whom they bring spoils from their scavenging. Each player in this 2-4-player game will be asked to take over a band of survivors and represent their factions in a mad race for staying alive. 

There are multiple factions to take control of, and a beautiful 3D map to play out their conflicts across. Players can play as Ravagers, Auxilia, Refuges, Farm-Z, and others. There are all sorts of expansions that will add to the gameplay of each faction, but also help you model the terrain a little better.

Limited Availability of D.E.I. Copies 

D.E.I. adds generously to the gameplay through highly-detailed miniatures that add realism and immersiveness to the game, which is already underpinned by robust gameplay. Players use cards to plan their moves and make sure that they end up in pole position in every challenge they undertake. 

The Gamefound campaign is also an exclusive product that is an upgrade on the original campaign launched on Kickstarter in 2020, with the title not heading into retail. With four days left to get your copy of D.E.I., you may not want to miss out on this post-apocalyptic gem. 

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