Key Enigma's Pop-up Crime Game.
Image credit: Key Enigma

The board gaming hobby can be so much fun, especially if you are a fan of crime and mystery games in the industry. With Crime Unfolds: Pop-Up Mystery Escape Game you will have to hone your detective skills and get to the bottom of various puzzling cases that will require you to use deduction to get to the bottom of each.

New Mystery Pops in the Middle of the Table

The game, which arrived on Kickstarter only recently, has surpassed its initial goal of raising $27,000 as its stated goal. At the time of writing, Crime Unfolds: Pop-Up Mystery Game has raised $85,000 through its crowdfunding campaign and has 36 more days to go. The setting may be somewhat familiar, especially if you have caught up on the latest Kickstarters for Weirdwood Manor or Awkward Guests 2: The Berwick Cases. 

Once again, you will have to tackle mystery and crime unfolding on the grounds of a manor. Players are invited to go through 6 Pop-Ups rooms where they will have to figure out the mystery before they proceed to the next one. Each of the rooms is a crime scene and the game itself is designed to emulate a “miniature” escape room. 

The title itself is developed by Key Enigma, a company that is committed to designing games that are inspired by crime fiction and that create compelling experiences resulting in some of the best tabletop experiences. The Spanish studio promises to offer you great value for your money as well, with the game fit for 1-6 players and spanning 4-6 hours of gameplay suitable for players aged 14+

The base game comes with a ton of content, including four interesting but equally suspicious characters and a whole lot of expansion components. You will get more mysterious characters to enjoy and more scenery and elements to investigate. 

Kickstarter Exclusive to Get Now 

Overall, the game expects you to get 7 characters, 3 Envelopes, and 6 Rooms to enjoy if you choose to go with the base game and Kickstarter expansion for a price of around $100. The company will ship anywhere in the world and the game is expected to arrive in September. 

However, there will be only 1,000 units produced of the game. At the time of writing fewer than 50 remain, although the company may consider allowing for more copies. Key Enigma is confident in the success of the title, but it equally wants to ensure that the game’s quality lives up, hence the rather more targeted approach. Unfortunately, Crime Unfolds: Pop-Up Mystery Escape Game will remain a Kickstarter-exclusive game for the time being. 

Stoyan Todorov

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