Catalyst Labs' upcoming Leviathans game.
Image Source: Catalyst Labs

Game publisher and developer Catalyst Game Labs has announced new details about the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for its pending release of Leviathans: The Great War, the rebirth of a game originally published more than a decade ago and enjoying a healthy player base and fandom years after. The Kickstarter campaign is scheduled for August 2, 2022, and will be preceded by an AMA session that will take place on July 23, 2022, 10-11 am PST.

Bringing New and Compatible Gameplay

The first game, released in 2011 by designers Randall N. Bills and John Haward, developed an original modular dice system that is one of the main selling points of the new product as well. Leviathans: The Great War will come with fully pre-painted and pre-assembled miniatures, and improved and enhanced user interface elements. Catalyst has revealed details about a rebalancing of the original gameplay to leave more room for competitive gameplay.

Players will explore five new factions that will vie for aerial superiority in the alternative history where a Polish inventor by the name of Rychnowski has found a way for ships to leave the seas and battle in the air. The original game synopsis revolves around an arms race stirred by the Great Powers’ survival instincts and mistrust of others.

Soon after, Great Britain joins the efforts to build an airborne fleet of ships that takes to the skies to project imperial dominance and cast its shadow over lesser nations. The king leviathans, or flagships, in the original game, are surrounded by a number of ancillary combat ships which will set the tone and dynamic in the new game as well, as fleets of fighter vessels triumph or plummet to their deaths in The Great War.

Factions Will Be Warring in the Skies

At the time of writing, Catalyst Game Labs has revealed details about two factions, along with screenshots of the already assembled models. The publisher has offered a look into the German Faction Box and South Africa Faction Box.

Catalyst has confirmed that the new game will be cross-compatible with the version released back in 2011. Much of the original game will be carried over to the new version with the scale of the map and miniatures an exact match of the vanilla version and offering the nostalgic gameplay feeling with a touch of spiff. While some of the old ship cards may lack some of the details, the publisher has come up with a way to ensure that a set of rules will make them just as playable. With more updates coming, you may want to stay tuned to the updates or consider becoming a Sky Captain yourself and lead your nation to victory.

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